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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

horrifying: Woman Molested On Street in Bengaluru, India, Watch Full Video

Security cameras recorded the egregiousness of it all - what she went through in Bengaluru is every woman's nightmare. She can be seen walking on the road when two men on a scooter approach her. As they get closer, she breaks into a run. One of the men on the scooter lunges towards her. He then gropes and molests her while she fights back. Seconds later, he throws her hard onto the ground. As the woman picks herself up, the men race away. Eyewitnesses do nothing. Not to stop the men, not to help the woman get up off the ground.

The cameras that filmed her ordeal were installed at a house in East Bengaluru. The owners provided the footage to the media and the police who have registered a case. Four suspects were detained today, police said.

"A special team has been formed to investigate the incident and nab the culprits at the earliest. As the victim did not file a complaint so far, we are trying to find her in the area and record evidence," senior police officer Hemant Nimbalkar told


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