Thursday, December 15, 2016

TURKEY : anti-Iran protest over Aleppo truce, including Syrians living i...

Hundreds in Turkey hold anti-Iran protest over Aleppo truce
Around 1,000 protesters, including Syrians living in Turkey, demonstrate outside Iran's consulate in Istanbul to denounce the Islamic Republic for imposing new conditions on a ceasefire deal for Aleppo.

SYRIAN PROTESTER LIVING IN ISTANBUL, MARIA ABDULLAH, SAYING: "People of Iran should not accept their government's (policies). They shouldn't remain silent. They should do something. If they don't do it for religion, they should do it for humanity. We are all humans. Even the animals wouldn't do what we humans did in Aleppo."

TURKISH PROTESTER, ERDEM BAS, SAYING:"Hundreds of people, thousands of civilians are being killed including women and children. This massacre is carried out by Iran, a country said to be Muslim. Tonight we are here at Iranian consulate to protest this. We came here with our children. We are here to show that we stand in solidarity with people of Aleppo."

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